Is this true?

Answer It does not affect your chance of concieving but it does affect your chances of a healthy baby. When you do not have as adequate amount of folic acid in your diet in early pregnancy, you are puttin... Read More »

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Do you know this This I find hard to believe but said to be true ... :-)?

Yup, learned that at Mr. Wizard's (Don Herbert) knee. We grew up on a farm and after seeing that program, all of us kids ran out to the orchard and garden to try it out. Mom and Grandma were not ... Read More »

I overheard this guy at Apple saying that students get 30% discount on the Macbook. Is this true?

as far as i'm aware, the student discount you get depends on what college or university you go to. if it's listed as 'higher education' then you'll get more discount. i bought mine when i was at co... Read More »

Check this out! I will copy the e-mail that I RECEIVED FROM YAHOO is this true?

its a scam by the same people who do the "uk national lottery". Dont fall for it.

I want to buy this phone, but everyone says that phones from china are bad and defective. is this true?

seriously?where do u think 95% of phones come from?