Is this too much to pay for makeup?

Answer That depends on how high-quality or well-reviewed the brand is.Are there retailers in your area that carry these products, or similar ones? There have got to be organic makeup lines in the UK. [I'm... Read More »

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Hey! This Fall I am going into middle school and I was wondering if this is too much makeup?

If you're able to buy Urban Decay Naked Palette, they have really nice golden/brown colors that are really nice. Brown mascara is fine too, black is okay too as long as you don't PACK it on. And li... Read More »

K, an 8 YEAR OLD wearing this much makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you will want to click this one!!!!!!!!?

My daughter is nine and i only allow her to wear makeup when we are playing around, giving each other makeovers and stuff. That much makeup on a child or adult for that matter is totally ridiculous!

Is this too much eye makeup?

It looks nice with your eyes and the shirt your wearing.

Is this too much makeup for 13?

no it's actually very well balanced =]i'm glad there's at least one thirteen year old with some sense...little girls that wear red lipstick with black eye-liner and blue eye-shadow and all that irr... Read More »