Is this too much sex for 16 year olds?

Answer well dont try to be like them having so many different partners puts them more at risk for STDs and how much sex they have is a personal choice i wouldnt say its too much but i dont think its a goo... Read More »

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Would you say this sounds childish for an 18 year olds bedroom?

No, it sounds cool! I love video games too, and it's always great to express what you love intro own personal space

How much should 10 year olds weigh?

About 80- 90 pounds. But it depends on the bone structure. Also, some kids inherit things from their parents.

Are you a vegetarian 10-20 year olds only please! this is a survey for my DF corsework!?

I'm 10 and have been vegan since i was sperm.Beat that!

How much foster parents get for fostering 11 year olds?

What do my parents need to do to let me be adopted by my aunt and uncle at sixteen