Is this too much makeup for Hollister?

Answer nope sounds about right, they are very big on the 'natural' or beachy-type look so adding anything like a bright red lipstick or a heavy colored eyeshadow is actually not dress code.

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Hollister model makeup?…the top site is how to....and the bottom site is for tips…

K, an 8 YEAR OLD wearing this much makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you will want to click this one!!!!!!!!?

My daughter is nine and i only allow her to wear makeup when we are playing around, giving each other makeovers and stuff. That much makeup on a child or adult for that matter is totally ridiculous!

Hey! This Fall I am going into middle school and I was wondering if this is too much makeup?

If you're able to buy Urban Decay Naked Palette, they have really nice golden/brown colors that are really nice. Brown mascara is fine too, black is okay too as long as you don't PACK it on. And li... Read More »

Is this too much makeup?

that is excellent and definitely not too long as you blend in everything, and make it look as natural as possible, it'll be fine.just remember to always wash your face everyday and exfoliat... Read More »