Is this "the worst website"?

Answer Hats off to you that you open for suggestions, there is lot of talent available and you will get help( i am not good at web designing) website can be improved, . some of the suggestion like... Read More »

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I got this message sayin i was on a video then it said go to this website

I got this message that i was on a video and it told me to go to

I got this message on youtube about a website called i wanna now if this is scam or not?

Gotten the same message from 2 different accounts seems something fishy is going around youtube just ignore the message

This has been the worst birthday haha?

Hey Twin! It's My Birthday Too! Anyways,Happy Birthday!Heres A Star For You!(:Well Hopefully You Feel BetterAnd Your Day Gets Better!

Does this mean it's getting worst?

You are in very bad condition. This is not to scare you but to make you alert. you should consult a specialist doctor. urgently.