I know I asked this earlier- But, I wanted to see how many more mommies would answer this!?

Answer Both you and your baby are beautiful!Interesting question, I wonder also.Here's me:…Here's my daughter:…and to... Read More »

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I keep sending the same Facebook message to the same person, and it WON'T STOP! How do I fix it?

CBB La Toyah and Michael Jackson,,,are they the same person,,,definatly the same surgeon,,?

Oh My God, what does she look like and that laugh of hers...Don't she look old..

How do you block a person on a iphone 4s from texting/calling you?

Most companies will not block numbers from contacting you. You can find apps that will do this for you though. Apple has an app you can download called Blacklist which will do this for you. I belie... Read More »

Is there a calling app and texting app for free with the same area code?

Yes look it up on the google playstore or the app store its called textplus