Reverse phone lookup who can help me find this location from this telephone number?

Answer Here you go:)Prof. Dr. E.G. Phipps, Chairman & Founder Post Office Box 74178 RPO Hillcrest Vancouver, B.C. V5V 5C8 CanadaTel. 01 (604) 325-7948Fax 01 (604) 325-7949e-mail: EgbertPhipps@hotmail... Read More »

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We dial the wrong number at this one house / whenever someone calls here they get the wrong number?

I have a landline number and i want to know the address of where this landline is. How can i do this?

# with ........ is still the best!!!# yellowbook.comit even gives you the!if all fails, here are some more sites you can try...# - Business and residentia... Read More »

Wat is this phone number?

It's the phone call of death!! Actually, from what I've read, that number is what appears when the caller has not yet set up a caller ID. It seems this is also what appears when the Blockbuster ... Read More »

Why is this number calling me?

It could be a stalker but don't panic tell your parents to speak to him next time he calls! Don't get scared and hang up otherwise he will keep calling! Answer it and give it to mum or dad / tell p... Read More »