Is this the most epic riddle ever?

Answer the answer is me

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What is the most epic question you've ever seen on Y!A?

OMG, THAT'S ME!& I think that name is cute!My favorite question is,…You have to read the whole thing. (:

Is this the world's most scariest picture ever!?

Isn't this the most bizarre illness you've ever seen?

That is so freaky and even freakier than a disease I saw this weekend in Indonesia whereby the man look like he has skin the same as a tree, he had growths on the face and body he looked as if he w... Read More »

Is Kerry Katona the most pointless person to have ever been born on this planet?

" The only thing than being talked about is not being talked about." She knows this, and every second week she is on the front cover of Heat or whatever.The image that will stick in my mind is her ... Read More »