What day did prison break come on last season?

Answer If you mean how many seasons of prison break, there are 4 cause scofield dies in season 4 episode 22, But if you mean how much will the seasons be season 1 45.00, season 2 48.00, season 3 30.00 and... Read More »

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What happens in the last espiode of season 4 of prison break?

It's Scylla. And Scylla is different cards that are all encrypted. The cards have every bit of information regarding The Company. The cards (Scylla) can only be read when all the cards are together... Read More »

When was the last 6 episodes for season 4 of prison break released?

Is prison break-conspiracy the fifth season of this series?

Michael and Lincoln escape from prison on the first season of Prison Break?

Michael, Lincoln and 6 other men escape from FOX RIVER. They are named as the Fox River 8.