Is this the funniest interview ever?

Answer crazy man...ahhahaahahah

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In what address do I send our Home funniest video entry at Bitoys funniest videos?

You can check on tv at the end of Americas funniest home videos on tv they will tell you the address if you find the address plaese post it ok

Funniest YouTube video you have seen 10 points for funniest.?…

Funniest movie. i have a list, which one is the funniest!?

among that list...i'd say either Team America or Happy Gilmore. Close 3rd is Billy Madison. I love Sandler, but I did not like 8 Crazy Nights

Who's the funniest?

lee evans, the first time I watched his dvd, I was heavily pregnant and couldnt watch the 2nd half as I was sure I would go into labour laughing.