Is this supposed to happen?

Answer First question: It is called Overbite and is normalSecond question: Your overbite is too deep. Generally overbite should be 2 mm. based on your description, you have around 8 mm of OverbiteThird qu... Read More »

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I got a new this supposed to happen?

the only good touch screen fone is the iPhone. The LG touch fones are not very good.....i have a chocolate which the some of it is know if i have tapped it, it will vibrate..i don... Read More »

Is this for real Has anyone ever heard of this k17 virus supposed to be responsible for vampirism?

this is just what i think..i think if u convince your self u have something then your body and mind will believe itif someone goes to the doctors for random check ups all the time even if there is ... Read More »

Is this normal/ does this happen to anyone else?

I would encourage you to see an eye doctor.I use to stand up and have to stand there as everything went black and would slowly come back with my eyes hurting. I thought the same thing. I thought ... Read More »

Am I Supposed To Eat This Thing?

After giving him a name like that I just couldn't eat him. ; )