Is this still safe to eat?

Answer Nooooo--you could be growing the next generation of antibiotics. Didn't you learn that's how penicillin got discovered, on somebody's moldy sandwich? If you eat that, you could be eating the cure f... Read More »

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Is this still microwave safe?

Is it still safe to cook this chicken?

If it were hours later, I'd say dump it. It probably wasn't in there long enough to completely need thrown out. Rinsing it with hot water then submerging it into boiling water will kill off any bac... Read More »

Input signal out of range! even when i click safe mode it still says this, how do i stop it!!!!!!!!?

It sounds like it is trying to make an Internet connection automatically every time you boot up or log on. And if that is happening, it most likely is trying for a specific wireless Access Point t... Read More »

Circumcision: Why are parents still requesting and doctors still performing this cruel procedure?

I couldn't agree more :) it's not really the "done" thing here in the UK..... religious reasons aside. Maybe that's why I see it differently to Americans (I say Americans cos the circ. rate in the ... Read More »