Is this stealing?

Answer yes it's stealing ! , I have fired people from my company for less then this , stealing is stealing no matter the amount or what it is

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Stealing on Youtube?

Probably likelytry getting it copyrighted

How can you tell if someone is Stealing Electricity?

Theft of service is not taken lightly in most municipalities or Utility disricts. Various ways of turning the meter upside down or running a jumper wire. Just make a complaint and the utility compa... Read More »

How do you keep somebody else from stealing your girl?

You don't have to do anything, if she loves you she won't stray.

How do you keep your wife from stealing?

Okaaaaaaaaay, so you're a white dude and you're married to a black woman, what was her name, oh yeah victoria, and you're eating oreo cookie and ice cream, and she keeps "stealing" your ice cream, ... Read More »