Is this something bad.! plz someone HELP?

Answer I'm a Surgeon by profession and the history you give suggests to me that you have Fissure in Ano which is a deep cut in the anal canal. You don't need to worry but. It happens due to constipation. ... Read More »

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Can someone find something vegan on this menu?

bruschetta or hummus (as long as no cheese), vegan tomato bisque, meatless stir fry so not much but let the server know you're vegan and then can take out any cheese or meat and make substitutions

Im trapped in a box and someone put something on top of it and now I cannot get out. HELP!!!?

But funnily enough you still have access to a computer!

URGENT!! can someone help me find something?

Who needs an underwater video camcorder? Build one these -… Then put any old camcorder in it. No deeper than pool though or make sure you can toss the c... Read More »

Will someone answer this something is WRONG with me!!!?

It sounds like it could be a head cold or sinus infection