Is this site legit It's a site that sells DVD's for TV Shows.?

Answer It's 100% legal to sell pirated american goods in China because they don't enforce American Copyright laws. This site is based out of china, and is most likely just VHS-quality shows taped off the... Read More »

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I really wanna buy cheap Uggs or discounted ones. I found this site, Is it a legit site?

I ordered a pair of Uggs from a sight like that. Don't do it....Mine were about 3 months late and they were obviously fake...They were horrible...The sole of the show fell out after a week of going... Read More »

How do you know if a site is legit?

WOT- Web of trust, its an addon to deterime if the site is malicious and fake.If you use firefox browser, to the left of the adress bar should be a bright expandable bar. An example would be chase.... Read More »

Is a legit web site?

I did a DNS lookup of the domain name and the owners name and address is listed (many scam websites have the name and the address of the owner hidden). I have went to the Better Business Bureau web... Read More »

Is a legit site?

I think it's okay but I find it difficult to use - my browsers don't seem to work on it. The sites I use (and I do get paid) can be found at: .