Is this sexual assult Or....?

Answer At the time yes but now the statue of limitation has most likely run out, tell your teacher, counselor, parent, or a police official about this. That way if he ever gets out of line you have a repo... Read More »

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Who makes the m416 assult rifle for the us military?

The HK416 is manufactured by Heckle & Koch GmBH, and is only fielded by some special operations units for the sake of trials. However, the US military announced that it will not be fielding the HK4... Read More »

Is this a true story, please do not click the following if you find sexual content offensive?

This is very much true. It is called an air embolism and we just had a friend die of one. My friend was giving birth to her daughter and a piece of the childs hair punctured her vagina lining send... Read More »

If you had unprotected sexual intercourse about two weeks ago and now have a clear fluid leaking from your breasts does this mean you are pregnant?

Answer Possibly. But some women have that occasionally during PMS. You should wait until you are late for your period and take a home test. If you don't want to wait that long, then go see a doc... Read More »

Is this true the army with information and circumstance pertaining to alleged sexual assault will only be disclosed on a need-to-know basis?