Is this safe or harmful?

Answer Yes. Change the cotton ball every three hours.

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Im one and a half months pregnant is it safe for you to use a apilator on your stomach for hair removal i already used it once..could this be harmful to the baby?

Answer Yes you can use an epilator. I presume you mean one which pulls out the hairs. All you are doing is pulling out hairs which is not going to make one bit of difference to your baby snuggle... Read More »

Could this potentially be harmful?

Probably a sebaceous cyst. Get someone to look at it and see if there is a darker spot at its tip which would confirm that.

Is this a harmful spider bite?

They are not spider bites if they resemble chiggers. a spider rarely bites more than once, and you would likely find the culprit in the act of biting.I constantly handle spiders, and only get a bit... Read More »

Would this sanitiser be harmful if ingested?

broadly speaking that list of ingredients looks pretty much like baby lotion, sun tan cream or shower gel given it is designed to be put on your hands and sanitise them its not going to be toxic if... Read More »