Is this safe for vegans?

Answer Yes I would say so. I have never heard of any sort of concentrate containing any gelatin, nor have I ever heard of gelatin made from fish. Gelatin is almost always made from pigs, cows or horses.... Read More »

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Why do vegans do this?

Vegans aren't terribly bright. Vegans use what I call the "extension of perception" argument. They argue that animals should be extended the benefit of the doubt with regards to their ability to ... Read More »

Can vegans drink this?

If you said I've heard that sometimes concentrate juices are filtered with fish gelatin then No. Because gelatin is not vegan nor vegatian .But it it doesn't says gelatin on the ingredients then it... Read More »

Hi Vegans could you answer this please :-)?

Yes, there is PLENTY that you can eat, especially if you like to cook and like experimenting. I went vegan about 4 months ago, and never in my meat-eating days did I have so MANY options in my diet... Read More »

Vegans/vegetarians, was this completely unreasonable of me?

You haven't made the point of your question.There is no mention of why your mother was upset.She could feel insulted by you bringing own food to it.It will be like saying to your mother, "thanks f... Read More »