Is this responsible protection?

Answer Yes, that is very responsible. The chance of getting pregnant that way is extremely small.Kudos to you, keep it up!The Vaginal Ring + Male Condoms = 99.99% effective with perfect use - 98.8% effect... Read More »

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Is this for real Has anyone ever heard of this k17 virus supposed to be responsible for vampirism?

this is just what i think..i think if u convince your self u have something then your body and mind will believe itif someone goes to the doctors for random check ups all the time even if there is ... Read More »

What do you think of this freak accident in Chennai&who is responsible for dereliction of duty?

Well!!!!!!!!!!!The whole mess has happened due to :1. Reckess Traffic Police - Not Keeping sign board2. Irresponsible Officials - Not keeping signoard og work3. The Driver - A new person should ask... Read More »

I'm responsible for organizing a potluck at work. What's the best way to do a sign up sheet for this?

Send out a company wide email saying what your going to do ....create a sheet on the computer with two columns, one column being name the other column being item(s)post it in a public place that ev... Read More »

If fluoride is responsible for crusting over the pineal gland and this just in the last 100 years or so...?

Soooo..about what i said on one of your last questions about the PG...turns out people just Dont Die if they get their pineal gland taken out...meaning they dont lose consciousness- Not to mean tha... Read More »