Is this really true?

Answer I just googled "pro anorexia"i got these……

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Can this really be true?

Well, that's not exactly true, what gets people caught is the "sharing" of music, meaning they are also uploading to other people the music, or copyrighted material. That is what is really illegal.... Read More »

Is this really true!!!?

Yes! Did you not see that program on American Football Players? Several were knocked out several times and then later in life they succumbed to various brain problems. On taking MRI and CT Scans th... Read More »

How true is this, really I wear glasses...?

If something sounds to good to be true it usually is, if this was legitimate it would already be common knowledge as eye problems effect alot of people guessing about 2/5 peopleThe way the personal... Read More »


No doctor in his right mind would perform a circumcision on a person who did not need it. And 99.9% of the population do not need it.What you need to know about circumcision is that is it a terrib... Read More »