Is this possible that they will catch me at work reading Q&A?

Answer Sure it's possible, also when you post stuff! If they want to they can check the sites you visited, I just am not familiar with how! It's how people got caught looking at porn, not that this is but... Read More »

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Is it possible to download drivers so that my printer and camera will work with vista?

canon camera & hp printer ... vista drivers should not be an issue if they are a modern or even a few years oldnow don't expect a 10 or 15 year old product to have vista drivers ... be it a cannon ... Read More »

Some people say that homepathics do not work, but if they do not work, how come they work?

I know from personal experience and it started probably 20 years ago with a young child. No pediatricians could help us. We finally tried a homeopathic doctor who waved all fees "until I find wha... Read More »

Do they make a lawnmower attachment for Hoverounds This is the second year that I will receive no ...?

If they do make such an attachment, darling, you can establish a thriving business cutting other people's lawns, so you won't have to let your own gardener go.You two have been together so long, it... Read More »

Can Women catch that man flu they go on about?

No, I'm afraid not D! Women only ever get the sniffles, they're imune to the full blown horrors of the flu that we Men have to cope with! Thought everyone knew that!