Is this possible?

Answer records as H.264 VGA video, 640 by 480 pixels. So just save your videos to your computer and then upload them to YouTube using YouTube's protocol.

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How is it possible that my iPhone 3G takes a photo of whatever is on my phone screen Sometimes I'll find a photo in my library of what I was doing on my phone. How is this possible?

Not sure on the iPhone, but on the iPod Touch, if you press the power button + the home button, it saves a screenshot. I guees is the same for the iPhone.

How is this possible?

Yes, I think that we have gone so low when we make commodities of human beings. Mothers have been saying this for decades, but every time we say it we are called angry, bitter, and told to move o... Read More »

Is this possible.............?

Yuppp! Sit-ups are good too for your stomach muscles, you gain weight like that too! Good luck!!

UPS is it possible to buy this type?

UPS = Uninterruptable Power Supply. If the power fails, anything plugged into the outlet sockets at the back of the UPS will keep running until the batteries inside the UPS run flat.