Is this plan REALLY going to work for Will Days?

Answer I doubt this plan will work they keep going on and on about how smart Nick is but hes not smart enough to keep his proof from being found? I doubt it. I think the plan will fail people will be even... Read More »

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Can your work drop your Family insurance plan if your spouse's work pays more then half of the total coverage for the plan or more and if her birthday is closer to January 1?

You can but it is unwise because you need to know when you would be covered by the spouse's health plan. Some plans have 3 and 6 monthj waiting periods. So it is wise to keep your insurance, sign u... Read More »

Does the BB plan selector BSNL really work for changing broadband plan?

How to Plan a Party in Two Days?

Take a deep breath and get ready to jump in! You can plan a party in two days!

Speakers don't work after water damage was soaked been 3 days and headphones work please help?