Is this pic too hoey for a facebook profile pic?

Answer It's a great pic for your purpose.It is captivating. Anyone's attention would draw right to it. In a passive environment like Facebook, MySpace, etc.: pretty much any environment online, you have t... Read More »

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Can you find out who looks at your facebook profile with this new facebook app?

Facebook doesn't allow people to track who views their profiles. Facebook applications, on the other hand, are unable to track anybody unless they have the consent of the viewer.Follow the source t... Read More »

Which of this two pics should I put as my main facebook profile pic?

The first one definitely, it's great! Everyone's either got photos of themselves with their friends/baby/boyfriend or one of those ones that they take themselves by holding out one arm on their mob... Read More »

Facebook – my friend can't view my profile: how can I resolve this problem?

Perhaps its a temporary fault with facebook.I have experienced this before and after a few hours or maybe a day it was sorted. I couldnt see my friends profile , it looked asif it had been deleted ... Read More »

I need a new facebook profile pic, but my sister says this one looks bad of me. what d'yall think?

ummm i would not use it because we can't see ur face.