Is this old camera worth anything?

Answer I believe it's worth about 40-60 pounds, if you're lucky, you may get 100-150 pounds. Last year I bought a serviced Olympus OM-1 (mechnical and far more desirable) and three lenses for 150-160 poun... Read More »

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I formatted my SD card on my computer instead of in my digital camera and now the camera won't recognize it. Is there anything I can do or is this formatting mistake irreversible?

Normally you should be able to reformat the card in your camera. If the camera does not recognize the card at all when the card is plugged in, then something else is wrong.The below listed related ... Read More »

What kind of video camera records light, or anything, this beautifully in the dark?

Yes, it should be cmos based I can tell you that.UV comes out green or brown on a CCD because ccds only cover 30 percent of the human visible light range.....while CMOS chips cover 95 percent of th... Read More »

Canon powershot A540 camera and batterys dont last for only a hour or so is there anything you can do to fix this problem?

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