Is this okay or not going to work...?

Answer This is an absurd "diet". You're planning on eating almost nothing but almonds? They are high in fat (and sodium, if salted). No one can be healthy eating only one kind of food. You will be mal... Read More »

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Am i going to be okay Is this a disease?

M also suffering from migraine :(, i have started taking fish oil capsules on daily bases. And a cup of tea is best for me to get rid of this ****. And i am that person who has many complications i... Read More »

Okay, what is going on Facebook this joke isn't funny at all, and I'm calling the police.?

You shouldn't be signed into your account all the time anyway. Learn to clean your cookies and adobe flash player too. LOL you wrote so much. Don't delete the question. Save it for posterity. It's ... Read More »

Okay, so im going to a Big Time Rush concert this august in Hershey,pa and idk what to wear?

OMG!!! I'm seriously going to the same concert August 11 in Hershey PA!! Ahn way cool. But anyways I have floor seats as well and plan on wearing a high waisted skirt, strappy sandals, and a tank t... Read More »

Blood sugar was low this morning is it okay for me to work out today?

Work out for about half of what you normally do and check your blood sugar again. If its okay you can continue your work out. Stop immediately if you feel dizzy or weak.