Is this number downloaded 9188687291?

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Can my ISP tell me what i've downloaded?

some companies do monitor what you download but they wont' say exactly what you downloaded due to privacy of customers. but they might. I know Cox Communications if you have that company they will ... Read More »

What was the very first mp3 you downloaded?

Fack by eminem. its more of a kiddy song but i like it. if u know kids who like music give em Fack

Has this guy downloaded these or has he been sent them?

The only way you'll find that out is to ask him.I would say he would have a bit of explaining to do to her as well.You would have at least thought if you borrowed something andwere up to no good wi... Read More »

What happens to your downloaded photos after you take one?

When someone grabs a photo from your blog and you happen to run into it some other place:1) write a legalese cease and desist letter2) if that doesn't help, sue for copyright infringement3) profit!!