Is this number downloaded 9188687291?

Answer Don't overpay to fix your iPhone. Do it yourself. I recommend the two links below. One is a guide on how to replace it. The other is a store for cheap iphone parts. iPhone Screen Guide: *1iPhone P... Read More »

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How to fix this issue Unable to Download Application Facebook Could not be downloaded at this time?

its probably because you have too many applications running. or i would try downloading it again until it downloads. or try turning your ipod?iphone off and on.

Has this guy downloaded these or has he been sent them?

The only way you'll find that out is to ask him.I would say he would have a bit of explaining to do to her as well.You would have at least thought if you borrowed something andwere up to no good wi... Read More »

I downloaded this thing called iphone folders and im trying to get it off my computer?

First go to parental control then go to uninstall program find and delete or if that doesnt work its a virus so scan your computer for virus delete virus if that does work call the company and get... Read More »

Just downloaded incridimail and dont like it. How do I get this removed from my computer?

You need permission because it has a link into a functioning program. What system are you running is the next thing you need to answer. If it is XP, then you can shut down everything in your desk... Read More »