Is this normal my boyfriend likes to put a bag over my head when we have sex?

Answer ummm ok..

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Is This Normal When You Bang Your Head?

i would suggest u see a doctor, that's not normal, headache and sick is but not the pain under your ear

If your vulva has been really swollen and darkened in color for over a year but you have no pain itching or irritation is this normal or do you need to see a gynecologist?

Answer There is probably nothing wrong, but if I were you, I'd go to the doctor anyway. Just to be sure.I don't agree. Any unusual change to your body must be taken seriously. especially when it's ... Read More »

I have head pain in my forehead region when I cough, sneeze or bend over, hurts bad....?

Sudafed 12 hr. Generic works just as well. If that doesn't make the pressure let up, the pain gets worse in the face area or you get a fever, see your Dr. It could be a sinus infection. Been there ... Read More »

If your son hit the back of his head and a very hard knot has come up but no other symptoms except minor pain when you touch it this happened two days ago should you have this checked out by the Dr?