Is this normal for a guy (Sorry if this is the wrong section) Can you help me?

Answer Not all guys are like that...People just go through a stage where they raging hormones. I still don't feel they should express, sometimes its best to control it. Stay away from guys like that, they... Read More »

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Wrong section I know, but anyways?

I don't know....I thought it was to replace the oil as well. I'd say they will be more of a fudgy brownie rather than a fluffy brownie....let us know!

Is there something wrong with the YouTube comments section 4-24-2013?

Same problem here too! I've seen another user post a question on this issue and I posted a question here on this issue too! This shows that it's not our computers' problem but probably Youtube is c... Read More »

People of the parenting section: What the hell is wrong with this woman?

The same thing that is wrong with all disgusting trolls....they are heartless and have no life. Thanks everyone. I don't even take her seriously anymore though.

Ive had two c sections then a normal birthdo you have to have a c section if you have another child?

Well, you could request a c-section if you really want it, but otherwise, it will only be performed if labor complications are present