Is this normal during sex Also why have i not orgasmed?

Answer The pain could just be from over-usage of your vagina. When some women have sex, their vaginas take a beating and get a little torn. Try having sex no more than once a day, and if it continues to h... Read More »

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You are 5-6 weeks pregnant and heave developed a yellow thickish discharge you also have light cramps which come and go Is this normal?

Answer It is very possible you are having a miscarriage. The best thing to do is see your doctor to make sure everything is okay, but these are signs of a misscarriage.

Is it normal to have a fast heartbeat normal during pregnancy?

Yes You're heart is currently supporting yourself, and another (tiny) human being. Your heart rate will probably be something like 15 beats per minute faster than usual, because of the extra workl... Read More »

Backpain during ovulation,,is this normal...plz help!?

Yes!! I have very strong ovualtion pains including cramps and backache. It really helped for me to pinpoint O because I would start cramping a few days before O and have the worst of it the day of.... Read More »

You were feeling sick but am now not is this normal during pregnancy?

Well yes because according to many women who have complety gone trough pregnacy, sometimes feel stressed, their head hurts and yes, it is normal if they're minor things like a small fever, but just... Read More »