Is this normal Went running on treadmill?

Answer Kimmi, this could be anything from simple overexertion to a full-blown heart attack and lots of cardiovascular or pulmonary ailments in between. Without knowing anything about your age, weight, gen... Read More »

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I was running some settings on my camera(Nikon D3000) and i came this "white balance", I went to the 'Flash"?

The default White Balance setting is Auto (A). You use the Flash setting when the main source of light is your built-in flash or other electronic flash units.You can use the Shooting Menu > "Reset ... Read More »

My knee hurts a lot after running Is this normal?

Yes, definitely normal if you're just starting to run again. What's important is to start slow, stretch well before running, then do a warm up before running and a cooldown after running. Your legs... Read More »

What is the required treadmill horsepower for running?

Treadmill motors range from 1.5 and 3.0 horsepower. Choose a treadmill with at least a 2.0 continuous-duty motor, advises, and if you'll be using the treadmill a lot, "you might ... Read More »

I'm going to start running on the treadmill and jumping rope?

take a diagnostic test of yourself and see how long you can do both of them without stopping at a moderate pace level. then work your way up from there.