Is this normal I always feel incredibly sick a week before my period?

Answer It's probably hormones that are affecting your body. You should try a different birth control. There are lots of options out there and many of them will affect you very differently. I'm on Alesse w... Read More »

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I started my period two weeks early and i have no cramps at all and its a very light period i feel sick though like wanting to throw up sometimes is this because of my period and why is it so early?

It could be a sign that you are pregnant.Your "period" might actually be implantation bleeding.You should wait and do a pregnancy test when your normal period is expected

Is it normal to cramp a week before a period?

not really. but you need to get enough protein and that will stop that from happening.agreeing with the person above me, but also it depends on how extreme i would say they are. if they are severe,... Read More »

Could pain in the lower abdomen and being a week late be a sign of pregnancy your period last month was 20 days long spotting and this has never happened before you are always on schedule or 2 days la?

AnswerYes you can indeed be pregnant take an at home test asap or make an appointment with your doctor for a blood test you spotted for 20 days and you didn't bring that to the attention of your do... Read More »

I feel depressed the week before/during my period?

I am female and what you are feeling is normal for many women before and/or during their period - that's our crazy hormones out of whack. I have had the same feelings that you have described, incl... Read More »