Is this normal Girls help!?

Answer If you can feel it its not in far enough. You shouldn't be able to feel it at all. Use your middle finger to push it in. And yeah that's fine, it'll be all over the place for a while, sometimes hea... Read More »

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Girls, is this normal?

Ok That Is So Normal. But Dont Sleep With a Bra. Your Supposed To Take Your Bra Off When You Sleep. Plus iT iS More Comfy When You Sleep With Out A Bra. & When i Was 13. i Just Slept With a Big T-S... Read More »

Is this normal for a guy (Sorry if this is the wrong section) Can you help me?

Not all guys are like that...People just go through a stage where they raging hormones. I still don't feel they should express, sometimes its best to control it. Stay away from guys like that, they... Read More »

Is this normal PLEASE HELP?

The reason youre sore is because of the water pressure thats normal and doing this is completely normal!!!! and rather enjoyable lol next time, start at a distance and work closer towards the jet u... Read More »

Backpain during ovulation,,is this normal...plz help!?

Yes!! I have very strong ovualtion pains including cramps and backache. It really helped for me to pinpoint O because I would start cramping a few days before O and have the worst of it the day of.... Read More »