Is this normal Girls help!?

Answer If you can feel it its not in far enough. You shouldn't be able to feel it at all. Use your middle finger to push it in. And yeah that's fine, it'll be all over the place for a while, sometimes hea... Read More »

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Am I normal (Girls)?

Don't rush it. You will develope sooner than you would like. Once you are developed you might just wish that you were flat as a board again.

Is it normal for girls to..?

no it's not normal.. the blood is supposed to come out of the other end..

How to Be Normal (for Girls)?

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Girls, is this normal?

Ok That Is So Normal. But Dont Sleep With a Bra. Your Supposed To Take Your Bra Off When You Sleep. Plus iT iS More Comfy When You Sleep With Out A Bra. & When i Was 13. i Just Slept With a Big T-S... Read More »