Is this natural or steroids ?

Answer So you gonna be tall and are the only one who knows if stereoids are involved.....

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Is this natural for someone to do this?

Uhm lol I don't think it is normal. I mean that's kinda weird. But If somebody did that to me I'd be like whoa your weird, but I like weird crazy funny people ! But no this isn't normal haha

Is this natural, or it is not natural?

First, could you read with your glasses, or were you looking over them to read? I found myself doing that more and more Next the aura ( blue light) used to come when my lenses were dry. I used a lo... Read More »

Is this natural ......?

Yeah, and over time they'll probably fade too.

Is this normal/natural?

Time to talk with your mother and let her assist you in getting all the supplies you need and also in answering your questions.