Is this my wisdom tooth?

Answer The way you described it, yes its your 3rd molar or wisdom tooth . Better visit your dentist and have an xray of it to check if its in normal position or not.

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Is this a wisdom tooth coming in?

same here except it is just pain when my mouth closed with headaches and I am 14.. so maybe?

I have swelling behind my tooth last tooth... could it be a wisdom tooth?

Can a bad tooth or impacted wisdom tooth cause pressure in the ear and the side of the head?

Answer What a dumb answer..AnswerIt is definitely possible. Talk to a dentist to have the situation evaluated. Answer I have had my wisdom teeth removed because i had a nerve that was being pinched... Read More »

If the gum around one a wisdom tooth is a little loose but the wisdom teeth otherwise seem perfectly fine what should be done about it?

Quite often, a piece of gum tissue overlies the wisdom tooth which is partially through. Keep the area as clean as possible, otherwise attend your dental checkups as recommended so your dentist can... Read More »