Is this my period HURRY!!?

Answer Yep, congratulations, welcome to womanhood.Go talk to your mom, then put a pad on so you don't have an embarrassing leak.

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If you have leaked fluid from one breast for almost two months had a two day period last month but got negative test results and now this months period is late what can cause this?

AnswerYou may be pregnant, but just didn't get a positive result yet. Go see a doctor or take another home test. I would go to a doctor considering all of your symptoms.

Is this why children are in such a hurry to grow up?

That might explain it! I wanted to grow up so I could go see 'R' movies at the theatre, and drive myself and friends there!I'm lost on the solution :(

I started my period two weeks early and i have no cramps at all and its a very light period i feel sick though like wanting to throw up sometimes is this because of my period and why is it so early?

It could be a sign that you are pregnant.Your "period" might actually be implantation bleeding.You should wait and do a pregnancy test when your normal period is expected

Could I be pregnant I had sex 2 days after my period. I got my period this cycle but it was different ...?

You can never be sure take the cheap test from the store 10 bucks i beleive and you can get pregnant anytime