Is this my period Brownish discharge?

Answer Normal vaginal discharge when you are not on your period can be clear, transluscent or white. It is normal to have a faint smell, but not too foul. Should you have a strong smell, it could be becau... Read More »

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Is a brownish discharge after sex the week you are expecting your period a sign of your period or pregnancy?

Answer This is a very difficult question because brownish discharge is associated with both pregnancy and normal periods. If a full menstrual flow has not followed the discharge, you should do a pr... Read More »

What Causes Brownish Discharge During My MeneturaTION PERIOD?

A brownish discharge during your period could be a symptom of something more serious. The most likely cause of a brownish discharge could be pregnancy itself. This is because the very first symptom... Read More »

Is pinkish or brownish discharge about two weeks after your period a sign of ovulation or something else?

Answer I've never heard of having pinkish/brown discharge due to ovulation. However, I have heard of having faint spotting at implantation when you become pregnant. Have you been sexually active si... Read More »

A milky brownish discharge during Pregnancy,What is it is this Normal?

Sounds like it is just dried blood, however, if there is a bad smell it could be a bacterial infection. Monitor it for a few days, and if it doesn't go away then you need to see a OB-GYN. Good luck... Read More »