Is this multivitamin high quality or a scam?

Answer It appears to me, that this vitamin is of high quality. Take a copy of this vitamin to a local pharmacist & get his opinion. They're experts when it comes to good stuff/bad stuff. If this vitamin c... Read More »

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Is this wholefood multivitamin really natural?

I happen to know for a fact that is exactly what they do...the bacteria in your intestines does the same.Save your money...

Can you help me choose which of this printers i will buywith high quality picture print.?

With the brother you get free ink. You pay less than $2 per cartridge and get $2 back for the empties.…

Would this graphics card be good enought to play high quality games like Call Of Duty 4?

hi Sukhdev yes more than good enough,and along with the excellent Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 and 3gb of ram this should allow you to play call of duty 4 at some reasonable detail levels and... Read More »

Poor quality to high quality videos?

Well, it depends. Video can be "cleaned up" somewhat (e.g. noise reduction, colour correction) and transferred between formats (e.g. VHS to DVD) but you can't -- as they say -- "make a silk purse o... Read More »