Is this more like you were looking for when it comes to adoption records?

Answer…Ontario has a new disclosure program. I look forward to the day when all adoptees will have access to vital information.

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How do I get my adoption records?

Adoption records are made for every child who is put up for adoption. The name of the child's mother and where the child was put up for adoption are included in the records. These records can be ac... Read More »

How can you get adoption records?

Well there are laws about access to adoption records and they differ state to state. Also access to any records about the adoption are under laws by the state you live in or were adopted in.

Why do you think adoption records are sealed?

i think it's too allow the afamily to bond as a family. open adoption was something considered back then and i think people wanted to bond as a family, natural or not and having that lingering tho... Read More »

Should adoption records be opened?

On One Hand: Possible Negative OutcomeOpening adoption records takes away the promise of privacy to the birth mothers who gave their children up under confidentiality. Taking away the option of con... Read More »