Is this mince good to eat?

Answer The general rule is"If it looks alright, and it smells alright, it is alright"The only reason there are expiration dates is so that shops can get in more money so people can throw stuff away to get... Read More »

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Can I eat mince my cat ate?

Yes you can eat it, just make sure to cook it well.But, if I were you, I'd rather think of getting even and take some bites of your cat's food.

How to Mince Garlic?

Garlic is a member of the onion species and has been used throughout history for culinary and medicinal purposes. The plant's bulb is most commonly used and is made up of several cloves. Each clove... Read More »

How to Mince a Shallot?

Shallots are members of the onion family that taste like a cross between garlic and red onions. To “mince” a shallot means to chop the shallot into tiny pieces.

How to Mince Ginger?

Mincing ginger is easily performed at home using the following technique.