Is this lupus, pleurisy, something else..?

Answer hon, you truly need to get this checked out by your doc;; this could be a reoccurence of something from before, while you're looking @ some chronic disorders just cause you've had some other sympto... Read More »

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Is this a UTI or something else?

Was this a seizure or something else?

Is this heartburn or something else.?

As other has answered it sounds like acid reflux also none as gastro esophagus reflux disease (GERD). It's usually worsen at night, with late eating, when drinking soda and other acidic things. You... Read More »

Is this diabetes or something else?

i dont know what kind of lifestyles you have... or maybe you are just thinking psychologically negative about your health because of stress.. I suggest you must visit a diabetologist immediately fo... Read More »