Is this lip stain safe to use?

Answer I would not use it myself because it could be bad , I have always heard when in drought throw it out.

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Is grout stain safe?

On One Hand: Highly UsefulUsing grout to seal tiles, bricks, flooring or siding is an effective way of fastening materials to any foundation. Grout products are composed of many chemicals, but most... Read More »

How do I get this stain off my couch?

You need to use rubbing alcohol to remove itPour some on cotton wool and gently lift it out Then use baby oil to restore the leather

How to get this stain out! Help!?

I suggest you take it to the dry cleaners.

How to remove this stain?

Seems like the only product worse than febreze is LA Totally Awesome Cleaner. Use Lysol instead.