Is this just me or what.....?

Answer yea i think people just do that because they want attention, i bet 90% of that stuff is fake anyways because if someone really went through something like that, they wouldn't go on youtube videos p... Read More »

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What should you do if you want to live in a area that you just moved away from just this summer?

How do you make the swelling on your lip go down from a pimple just under your lower lip its very painful and very swollen you really just want this pain to go how do you do this?

Just thought Id post this incase any mommies had this car seat..?

oh crap.thanks for the heads up. i have to check when mine was made now

How do you define a single parent I just read this, and was shocked people had this view...?

lmao! i feel special! :) well i define a single parent as one that is apart from the other, doesn't live with them, and maybe gets some financial help (not exactly oxford dictionary standards, but ... Read More »