Is this is a normal Bra size (girl's only!!!)?

Answer You just haven't developed completly yet. It is a bit small for your age, but I don't think that's a problem, all girls develop differently, trust me.

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What is a normal bra size for 15 year old girls?

Honestly, there really is no "normal" size for anybody. Everybody has a different shaped body and some grow slower than others. But since you're only 15, i wouldn't worry about it. Women grow until... Read More »

I'm 15 and a size 7... Is this normal?

it's normal I'm 15, 5'5 , 130 , B cup & size 7 (xI wis I was a C cup tho /:

Girls, is this normal?

Ok That Is So Normal. But Dont Sleep With a Bra. Your Supposed To Take Your Bra Off When You Sleep. Plus iT iS More Comfy When You Sleep With Out A Bra. & When i Was 13. i Just Slept With a Big T-S... Read More »

Women only please, is this normal?

The intelligence, compassion and maturity of the answers to this question have just lifted my spirits and restored my faith in humanity (at least for today!). I agree with the others here - the cr... Read More »