Is this is a normal Bra size (girl's only!!!)?

Answer You just haven't developed completly yet. It is a bit small for your age, but I don't think that's a problem, all girls develop differently, trust me.

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What is a normal bra size for 15 year old girls?

Honestly, there really is no "normal" size for anybody. Everybody has a different shaped body and some grow slower than others. But since you're only 15, i wouldn't worry about it. Women grow until... Read More »

Difference Between Girls Size & Juniors Size Clothes?

Sometimes clothes shopping for a girl can be confusing. Most stores offer clothing in girls' sizes as well as juniors' sizes for girls. Size, style and design can be very different between clothing... Read More »

I'm 15 and a size 7... Is this normal?

it's normal I'm 15, 5'5 , 130 , B cup & size 7 (xI wis I was a C cup tho /:

Is this normal Girls help!?

If you can feel it its not in far enough. You shouldn't be able to feel it at all. Use your middle finger to push it in. And yeah that's fine, it'll be all over the place for a while, sometimes hea... Read More »