Is this intro video worth buying for $5 for my website?

Answer Its really worth dude. Go buy it. After all, its just 5 bucks. Even I buy such intros.

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Is buying your own website worth it?

Depending on who you buy it from, I think some offer packages of multiple years of registration. It's not one time, even google has to pay their dues.You should check out http://www.projectwonderf... Read More »

What's the song played in the intro of this youtube video?

Bobby's Theme... You can find it on AmazonMP3. :)

Is buying a $4000 video camera worth it?

Both are miniDV tape based, standard definition, camcorders. But keep in mind you are comparing consumer-grade to pro-grade.In this case, where you will see the biggest immediate difference will mo... Read More »

IF this is worth buying?

Absolutely! What a great deal! The prices HAVE to come down....but I remember when a plasma TV cost over $6000.00....well thing have changed...please take advantage of the great deal. You , I feel ... Read More »