Is this illegal or just deviance?

Answer If the snowman was on your property it is trespass as well as destruction/vandalism.Now the real question is could you press charges?Yes probably.Would the police be happy to take the report?Most l... Read More »

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Is this illegal or just bad manners?

It is illegal to park on the pavement, and it is also illegal to park on a bend, for the very reason that is affecting you, obstructing your vision.

Is it illegal to download music, or is it just illegal to share downloaded music?

Technically the act of using Limewire/Kazaa/Morpheus or any other P2P file sharing system IS PERFECTLY LEGAL. However, the act of sharing copyrighted music is what the authorities will prosecute fo... Read More »

The Negative Effects of Deviance?

Society has created a set of behavioral standards. Anyone outside of these norms is considered to be abnormal or deviant. While the types of deviance can vary, the negative consequences of these be... Read More »

How do you make the swelling on your lip go down from a pimple just under your lower lip its very painful and very swollen you really just want this pain to go how do you do this?