Is this how they do this Some viruses come pre-installed?

Answer All it takes is for one person to alter the master source code for the gadget and then all devices coming out are infected. That's why I don't trust anything made from China. They don't have strict... Read More »

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I planted some navy beans and they are now in the green bean stage.are they good to eat at this time?

It's fine to eat them at the green bean stage. I like them. Eat one and see if you like it.

Why do people come on this and ask us if they are pregnant how the **** are we meant to know?

Omg i was so gonna ask the same question lol.....they must have a screw lose.How the feck do we know if someone is effing preggers do we look like a clearblue.By the way we share the same name xx

How come some youtube addresses are like this:

because its actually the be ending means that it is from a server in belgium. Its a way to get people to click on a link that might actually be harmfulThe "be" takes the place o... Read More »

I took my stitches out 1 day before they were ment to come out will this matter?

It depends-- were the sides of the wound fused together or not? If not, it was too soon. If yes, keep checking the area to be sure the edges don't come apart again. I also recommend keeping a cl... Read More »