Is this healthy to eat ?

Answer Seriously, too many calories? No thats a good meal.

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Is this healthy :)?

Yes, that's healthy. If you get hungry through out the day, maybe you can try eating some fruits more fruits and vegetables in each meal. Avoide junk food but it's ok to eat some once in a while. F... Read More »

Is this a healthy lifestyle?

That is a remarkably healthy lifestyle for a 16 year old especially! Well done, keep it up!

Was this lunch healthy?

I think it was pretty healthy! Also, beans are beans LOL. :) I don't think there is much of a difference. Advocados are great for you and they offer a good "fat". If you make guacamole at home, add... Read More »

Is it healthy to eat like this?

You're not eating too much! You're eating AMAZINGLY healthy, which is so hard for some people. There is nothing you need to be worried about. Some dietitians say it's best to eat every 2-3 hours an... Read More »