Is this happening to anybody else with Youtube?

Answer I have heard complainants from other people on their channels too.

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Is there anybody else who is having trouble with youtube tonight?

i know they had big problems yesterday because Pakistan pulled the plug on them for showing anti-Islamic content .somehow this brought youtube down everywhere but i've just tried and had no problem... Read More »

Does anybody else agree with me on this?

I am 12 and I totally agree with you on this! I hate everybody being in a relationship. I personally find it retarded to do all this stuff, especially have a relationship at this age. I mean come ... Read More »

I saw this on youtube does any one believe that this is really happening?

Yes. conspiracy is everywhere. they can be traced back to ancient times.

Anyone else absolutely sick of this happening in restaurants?

I have traveled all around this United States and can happily say I have never . I was shocked I thought you were going to say crying kids.