Is this gross, healthy, normal, weird?

Answer It is normal. Some people have veins that are closer to the skin's surface or have thinner skin so the veins are more visible. You may notice them more under certain conditions, like if you've been... Read More »

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Is this normal Or is it considered weird?

Yea it's normal.Why? My friends and family all do it and it's fine.It's normally really.

Its weird but sometimes my ears pick up high frequency, i just hear really high pitched sound.Is this normal!?

omg wow i thought i was the only one. every once in a while i hear like really high pitched sounds in one of my ears for a while, and its weird. like i know what your friends talking bout. sometime... Read More »

What is the normal blood pressure of a normal healthy man?

There is no such thing as "Normal", because, exactly as we are variously dark-haired or blond, hairy, spotty, tall, short, intelligent or stupid, -everyone is unique. The concept that there is an... Read More »

Do you think the women that say masturbating is ''gross'' and ''not normal'' have ever tried it?